Pensioner faces child sex charges

A pensioner has gone on trial for sexually assaulting an eleven-year-old girl.

The man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the alleged victim, denies four charges of sexual assault between May 1 and July 21, 2009.

Opening a case to a Derry Crown Court jury of seven men and five women, a prosecutor revealed that the 66-year-old was a friend of the alleged victim’s family and he had known her since she was born.

He said that the girl would have regularly “run errands” for the pensioner and spent time in his house while her mother was there.

The prosecutor told the jury that during the course of the trial they will hear evidence from the girl that she was sexually assaulted by the 66-year-old on four seperate occasions and that he made a number of sexual comments to her.

She claims on one occasion while she was in his home he told her that she was “really, really sexy” and that he wished he was “young enough to be the man to take you to bed.”

The girl claims that the first time he touched her in a sexual manner, he touched her between her legs, squeezed her bottom and gave her hug.

The child alleges that the pensioner also sexually assaulted her when she was in his car on the way to a cinema and kissed her “full on the lips.”

Prosecuting counsel told the jury they will hear the pensioner’s interviews with police, in which he denied sexually assaulting the girl.

However, he said the 66-year-old did admit telling the child she was “going to be a beautiful girl when she was older.”

The prosecutor revealed that when the allegations about the incident in the car where put to the man, he said he only touched her to fix her seatbelt and move her feet from the dashboard.

The pensioner further claimed that the girl had kissed him on the cheek to thank him for driving her to the cinema.

Prosecuting counsel told the jury that when they had heard all the evidence they would have “no difficulties to find that there was touching, it was intentional and it was sexual.”

The trial continues.