Pointed imitation firearm at teen’s head

A 27-year-old man used a cigarette lighter shaped like a revolver to threaten a group of young people, a court has heard.

Gary McClintock, of Dundrean Park, pleaded guilty to possessing an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear making a threat to kill on November 29.

Derry Crown Court heard that a group of teenagers were approached by a drunk man as they walked to Shantallow shops.

McClintock asked if any of them smoked and when he was told they didn’t he produced a silver hand gun from his pocket.

The 27-year-old pointed it at the head of one of the youths who then ran off believing it to be real.

Shortly afterwards a second group of youths came across McClintock and he asked them for cigarettes.

McClintock produced the gun again and pointed it at the head of one of the young people who ran off.

The imitation weapon was discovered in a search of McClintock’s home. It was in fact a cigarette lighter owned by his father.

Defence barrister Seamus McNeill said his client had taken the lighter for the sole purpose of lighting cigarettes.

He said the defendant was ‘at a significant crossroads in his life and if he goes into custody then any possibility of his re-integrating himself back into society will vanish forever.’

Judge Philip Babington adjourned sentencing until January 20.