Police blitz takes on burglars

Burglary has fallen in Derry by more than a third in only six months - and the city’s top cop says the blitz on burglars will continue.

Area Commander Chief Inspector Jon Burrows says more than 100 people have been charged with burglary in the city over the last twelve months.

He says over the last six months the number of burglaries committed in Derry has fallen by 35%.

“This equates to over 100 fewer victims of burglary in the city,” the police chief told the ‘Journal’ yesterday.

“Burglary is a priority for the public and therefore a priority for police. Derry’s greedy burglars can expect to be arrested and charged,” he says.

Chief Inspector Burrows says the number of burglars caught by police has doubled over the last year. He says burglars have little understanding of the impact of their crimes and says burglars do not just take people’s personal possessions but leave victims with a sense that their home has been invaded.

“We are determined to see this stop. Where it does it happen, we are determined to put those responsible behind bars.

“There is certainly no sympathy out there for burglars. Some of our success has come because of good information from the public. As we approach the winter months we would ask the public to continue to come forward.”

Derry’s top cop says the PSNI’s tough line on burglary will continue.

“Where we arrest and charge burglars we are determined to remand them in custody, or subject them to stringent bail conditions, such as curfews or tags. We will be doubling our efforts over the coming months,” he says.