Police campaign to drive down anti-social behaviour

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Police in Derry have launched a new campaign to raise awareness among young people of the impact of anti-social behaviour.

‘Where’s The Harm’ is designed to provoke thought and debate around the issue of anti-social behaviour and raise awareness of the dangers it brings.

Neighbourhood Police Officers have been visiting schools in Derry before they break for the summer holidays to launch the ‘Where’s The Harm’’ campaign.

Local Police have been outlining the possible consequences of anti-social behaviour for the youth and the community. Young people are encouraged to think how anti-social behaviour could cause harm to other people or to themselves.

Inspector Trevor McKeown said it is important for kids and parents to discuss anti-social behaviour. “This is an issue that causes concern time and time again. It has an impact on the older and more vulnerable people in the community and can damage quality of life for local residents.”

“Often we find that some young people genuinely don’t believe they are doing anything wrong. That’s why it’s important for us to make them aware of their actions, of perceptions about teenagers and of the possible consequences if they get involved in anti-social behaviour.”

“As the school kids break for the summer holidays, we want to ask them and their parents to think about this important issue and if they find themselves being drawn into anti-social activities they should, stop, think and consider if it is causing harm to someone else.”

Inspector McKeown added, “Although anti-social behaviour has been reduced in the Foyle area, it remains an issue for us and we will continue to work with our young people and the community to keep people safer.”