Police surgery for Dungiven welcomed

Councillors in Dungiven have welcomed moves by the PSNI to take policing from “behind walls and bring it out in the open” and take it to the community.

Dungiven PSNI station was approved for disposal by the Policing Board earlier this year. Currently, the station is being utilised for Neighbourhood Policing and is open every other Tuesday to the public.

Late last year, the ‘Journal’ revealed the station had just one visitor in the previous 12 months.

While there is “no progress” with a date for disposal of Dungiven police station, Area Commander Sam Donaldson told the ‘Journal’ last week locations for “surgeries” in the town centre were being sought.

The first ‘Community Police Surgery’ will be held tomorrow in Dungiven, tomorrow (17th October) between 3pm and 4pm at Dungiven Library on Main Street.

Sinn Fein councillor Sean McGlinchey encouraged anyone with issues of concern to attend the surgery.

“I think this is healthy and will make things more open and accessible to the public,” he said.

“As a party we welcome the change in policing; there is no issue there.

“This is what policing is about - taking it away from behind walls and steel shutters and bringing it out in the open. We support this type of policing and I fully enocourage people to support it.”

SDLP Colr. Michael Coyle said he was encouraged the local police are holding surgeries in Dungiven.

“It’s much better for the police to be part of the community and using local facilities rather than the barracks,” he said. “It’s a case of meeting in a relaxed, more friendly venue and, hopefully, this will lead to a more open relationship with the police and the public, and bring about more confidence in the PSNI. I hope the public will engage with the police whether it’s to do with local crime or any other policing matter.”

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Members of the public are encouraged to attend this event, meet their local Neighbourhood Officers and raise any issues in relation to community safety, crime, or other matters that police should be aware of that are affecting local residents.”

For more information, or if you would like to discuss any policing issues please contact the Limavady Rural Neighbourhood Team at Limavady station on 0845 600 8000.