Police thwart organised fight

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Police believe young people are using the internet and mobile phones to organise a fight in Derry this weekend.

Organised fights have previously been arranged by young people via Facebook and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), enticing large groups of males and females to meet to participate or watch the fights in various locations.

Police say they believe a fight is being organised for a location in Derry this Friday and have appealed to parents, schools and community groups to make young people aware of the dangers associated with organised fights.

Area Commander, Chief Inspector, Garry Eaton says,” We are appealing to help put a stop to these fights. The potential for serious injury cannot be underestimated. Younger children in particular could find themselves being drawn into a situation that is potentially very dangerous. It only takes one punch to bring about the possibility of lives being destroyed and families wrecked.

Chief Insp Eaton also urged parents to step up and take responsibility for what their children get up to when out and about in the evenings and weekends with their friends.

He continued, “Parents need to closely monitor the social media sites their children are looking at on the Internet and talk to them about getting caught up in this sort of behaviour. Anyone caught engaging in this reckless activity will face the consequences of their actions and run the risk of ending up with a criminal record which will impact on the rest of their lives.”

“Young people are planning more of these fights and they need to be made aware of the dangers. I am urging schools, parents and community groups to help me reinforce this message to our youth. I am also asking anyone with information on the fights to report them to police immediately. Please call your local police station on 0845 600 8000.”