Police urge householders to secure oil tanks

Report of crime
Report of crime

It’s October and days are getting shorter; nights longer; and the thermometer is falling.

All that means people will be needing turn on their central heating, and for some that means buying oil, which can become the target for thieves.

Police in Derry have received two reports of oil thefts in the city in the past 24 hours, both at houses at Creggan Street. Information is being sought about a small white van seen in the area.

Meanwhile, Mandy Monteith, the Crime Prevention Officer, said filled tanks are likely to be a target for thieves and some precautions are needed:

• Make it hard for intruders to access your tank

• Fit a good lock to you tank and any exterior boiler

• Check your tank regularly

• Keep a look out for suspicious activity in your neighbourhood.

Detailed advice is available form your oil supplier, or from the Crime Prevention Officer at a police station. Telephone 101 to make contact.