Police warn Derry holidaymakers to stay away from social media

If Derry holidaymakers want to reduce the chances of becoming burglary victims they should stay away from social media, according to the PSNI.

Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 3:22 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 3:28 pm
Police in Derry are warning holidaymakers to take care when posting information while on holiday.

The PSNI said they had received a number of reports of houses being broken into while the homeowners were away on holiday.

"First and foremost ‘DON’T POST ON FACEBOOK OR OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA’ either before you head off or while you’re away.

"It’s very tempting to make those left behind envious with your first pic sitting at the the airport or by the pool with a nice cool drink. Normally that means you’re away a minimum two to three days," wrote PSNI Foyle on Facebook.

The PSNI added: "Your account can be accessed in so many ways, privacy settings not set right, friends (How many can you vouch for) and friends of friends.

"Good neighbours - we all need them. Let them know you are away, leave contact numbers for keyholders and family and let your local police station know. Report suspicious persons/vehicles on 101.

"Ensure windows and doors are locked and if you have an alarm that it’s properly set.

"CCTV can be a deterrent. There are plenty on the market that will automatically link to your smart phone.

"We want you to enjoy your holiday and come back to everything the way you left it, then make everyone envious with your holiday pics."