Police warning over increase in burglaries

Report of crime
Report of crime

Detectives in Derry are warning that prolific burglars are operating on both sides of the Foyle.

Detective Inspector David McQuade said the increase was concerning and that police were shaping their operational activities to respond to it.

“Most burglaries are opportunistic. Those involved select what they believe to be easy targets, and that means houses without alarms and where doors and windows have been left unsecured.

“Burglaries have taken place while houses have been unoccupied during the working day - as well as at night. Unfortunately, too many home owners are making things easy for the burglars by leaving doors and windows unlocked.

“Car keys are frequently stolen when intruders gain access, and this has resulted in the theft of a family car or work vehicle.

“Locking doors and windows is an essential measure to prevent burglaries. Residents should also minimise the amount of cash and jewellery they keep at home, particularly if the house is vacant during the day. If you have a lot of jewellery, install a safe, and if you have a burglar alarm, use it.

“If you have a vehicle, ensure that the keys are kept secure and out of sight of intruders.

“All residents should be aware that the burglaries could take place in their areas and if they see strangers or unusual activity, we would ask them to call the police.

“For our part, we have changed patrolling activities and we have been making arrests. Any suspects that go before the courts and get bail pending trial are being closely monitored.”

Between 6pm on Sunday and noon today (Thursday), six household burglaries were reported across the city.

D/I McQuade added: “Our appeal this weekend is for people to be alert; keep their homes secure and report suspicious activity to police.”

Information on burglaries that have occurred can be given on the police non-emergency number 101. Alternatively, it can be provided to the Crimestoppers charity anonymously on 0800 555 111.