Possessed duelling pistols


A man who showed a night porter at a Derry hotel two duelling pistols and said ‘look at these bad boys’ has received a conditional discharge.

Sean Lawlor, with an address at Knockbracken in Belfast but who is originally from Blackrock in Dublin, admitted possessing the firearms and ammunition in suspicious circumstances on November, 25 2013.

Police were called to the Tower Hotel and the pistols were found in a box in the 56-year-old’s room.

The pistols were described as ‘working replicas’ and were capable of firing the ammunition that was also in the box.

They were not loaded but the court heard they were ‘potentially lethal’ if fired.

The pistols were manufactured in 1949 but were replicas of weapons used in the 19th century and it was believed that Lawlor intended to sell them.

Judge Philip Babington said that he doubted if anyone really knew what Lawlor was doing with the pistols.

He imposed a conditional discharge on Lawlor and granted a forfeiture order for the pistols, stating that an money raised from the sale of the weapons should go to a local mental health charity.