Possessed eight inch knife in public

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A man caught with an eight inch kitchen knife claimed he found it but didn’t report it because he ‘hates police’, a court has heard.

Jason John Margowicz, of Melrose Terrace, pleaded guilty to possessing an article with a blade on September 15.

Police were called to the Cuthbert Street area because a member of the public reported a drunk male lying on grass with a knife.

When officers arrived there was a knife ‘protruding’ from the 26-year-old’s thigh.

During police interview, Magowicz claimed he had found the knife on top of an electric box and was concerned a child would find it.

He said he didn’t report it to police because ‘he hates police.’

Ordering the defendant to complete 100 hours community service, District Judge Barney McElholm said ‘the state he was in I’m not sure he was considering the welfare of children.’

However, the judge said there was no suggestion Margowicz was ‘actively trying to use the knife.’