Probation for man who tried to hijack car

A man who attempted to hijack a car in the Waterside has been ordered to spend two years on probation.

David Albert Baranowski, of Killymallaght Road, pleaded guilty to attempted hijacking of the Audi A4 on December 18, 2011.

Derry Crown Court heard the injured party was driving along the Fincairn Road at around midday when the 21-year-old waved for him to stop.

Baranowski came round to the driver’s side of the car and when the window was opened he said “I want your f****** car, get out of the f****** car”.

The 21-year-old attempted to reach in and take the keys out of the ignition but the driver managed to push him away. He then told Baranowski he would take him where ever he wanted to go before using this as an opportunity to drive off.

It was revealed to the court the 21-year-old was arrested and interviewed. He initially declined to make any comment but later admitted attempting to hijack the car.

When charged he replied “I’m sorry”.

A prosecutor told the court the injured party is a “robust man” and has made efforts to “leave this unhappy incident behind him”.

The court heard Baranowski has mental health problems and sentencing had been adjourned to allow him to engage with health professionals.

However, he was brought back to court after committing further offences.

Passing sentence, Judge Piers Grant said the only reason he was imposing a probation order was for the 21-year-old to address the problems he has.