PSNI: Police urge vigilance after reports of an explosive device

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Police are advising people in Dungiven to be vigilant following a report that an explosive device has been left in the area.

An anonymous telephone call passed on to police at 2am this morning, Wednesday, November 11 claimed that a device had been left in the area.

Chief Inspector Mark McClarence has asked local people to be vigilant. “If you see any suspicious objects, please do not touch them. Inform police straight away by dialling 999.”

But Sinn Fein councillor Sean McGlinchey, who lives in Dungiven, criticised police for releasing “such vague” information.

“The way the police handled this is ridiculous. They haven’t contacted any local councillors about something as serious as this, and the first I’m hearing about it is from the media. Putting such vague information like this out there has done nothing but worry people. Now everyone is asking ‘where is it, what is it?’. When you look at the size of Dungiven, it’s ridiculous,” said Colr. McGlinchey. “It’s keystone cops policing.”