PSNI post picture of 'bobbies on the beat' in Creggan

The PSNI in Derry have posted pictures of two of their officers on foot patrol on Southway in an apparent response to reports that Creggan has become difficult to police normally.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 12:07 pm
PSNI officers on patrol on Southway.

“Two extremely attractive, witty and charming Police Officer’s from Foyleside and the Moor Neighbourhood PolicingTeam (the greatest team EVER) carried out foot patrols in Creggan with boundless energy and...What on earth is this rubbish!" the force posted on its local social media channel.

The photograph showed two constables on foot between Rathowen Park and High Park in the estate with the picturesque River Foyle in the background.

"You get the picture though. They were out walking all day, being the old 'bobby on the beat' and all that jazz. Good on 'em I say," the PSNI stated.