RAAD claims branded ‘nonsense’

Arlene Farrelly. (2402PG51)
Arlene Farrelly. (2402PG51)

The girlfriend of the late Andrew Allen has dismissed claims that her partner was a drug dealer as ‘utter nonsense’.

Arlene Farrelly was responding to a statement to the Derry Journal this week from RAAD, the republican vigilante group who admitted responsibilty for ‘executing’ the 24-year-old father of two earlier this month.

Speaking to the Journal yesterday she said, “From start to finish this statement is lies. It took these people two weeks to admit to this atrocity and then they produce this pathetic excuse.

“Andrew had never been convicted of any offence, whether for drugs or for anything else. To say he used RAAD’s name is utterly ridiculous: Andrew could not stand any type of paramilitarism.”

She went on to describe the members of RAAD as ‘cowardly and evil’ as she explained that they shot indiscriminately into her home.

“On the night Andrew was murdered the gunman fired a shotgun through the window, unaware of who was in the room. Two days earlier, his son and nephew stayed at the house. We could have been dealing with dead children.”

On behalf of his family and friends she said: “We appeal to the people of Derry to come forward with information so no other family is destroyed by these people. We know that the gunman did not act alone. We want them brought to justice.”

On behalf of his family, she also reiterated that Andrew had been told no threat to his life existed. She said: “Last week journalists were shown a copy of the threat delivered to Andrew by police. No organisation was identified and no motive was given. As far as Andrew was concerned the threat no longer existed, as he was assured it no longer applied.”

Ms Farrelly added: “Andrew was a kind person who had many good friends on both sides of the community. Anyone who knew Andy will know this statement from RAAD is utter nonsense.

“Anyone who did not know him can ask themselves who they believe - us, a loving, caring family, or a gang of murderers.”