Republicans ‘not involved in Foreglen shooting’

A previously unknown “North Derry Republican Group” say republicans had nothing to do with the recent gun attack on a house in the Foreglen area.

A family-of-four escaped injury in the early morning incident last Monday, in which police said two shots were fired at the house on Muldonagh Road at about 5 40am.

In a statement to the ‘Journal’ on Thursday, a spokesperson claiming to be from the North Derry Republican Group said “republicans had nothing to do with the gun attack in Foreglen on Monday, absolutely nothing”.

The spokesperson said “rumours” about republican involvement were circulating and the group was “investigating to find out who these people are and when we do they will be severely dealt with”.

“We will not tolerate these people shooting up houses and terrorising familes.”

Reacting to the statement, local SDLP councillor Michael Coyle said: “This group has obviously set themselves up as judge, jury and executioners. It begs the question, have we not learned over the years that violence solves nothing? The Provisionals, while they were carrying out their campaign of terror, came to the realisation that the only answer to the problem in Northern Ireland is through a political solution. I call on this group to resist from violence.”

Sinn Fein councillor Cathal O’hOisin said: “Regardless of what has happened here, there was a family involved and this has caused a fair degree of consternation within the community. There is no justification for this whatsoever and the people of Ireland have voted for a better way forward and that is the route we should be taking.” Police say the incident is still under investigation.