Residents concern at anti-social behaviour

Limavady’s top cop has pledged to do everything possible to make residents living along one of the town’s busiest streets feel safer in their homes.

Chief Inspector Sam Donaldson says police are actively working to tackle anti-social behaviour with officers in the right place at the right time.

Speaking publicly at a District Policing Partnership in Limavady last week, a resident of Irish Green Street told Chief Insp. Donaldson residents were being plagued by youths kicking in and knocking on doors at all hours of the day and night; windows being broken, left -over pizza and chips stuffed through letterboxes and even people defecating on doorsteps.

The resident, who has lived in Irish Green Street for more than 30 years, said anti-social behaviour had escalated in the last three to four years. She said police had been doing good work with residents.

“Despite the best intentions and efforts of police and community wardens, it’s still going on,” said the resident, who commended local politicians and statutory agencies for putting better street lighting in place.

“It’s reached the stage where a lot of the vulnerable old-aged pensioners are frightened to come forward because they fear what the repercussions may be,” said the resident, adding some also feel there is no point in reporting it.

“I believe if those who are doing it understood what they were doing they wouldn’t do it.”

The resident said one neighbour goes to bed by torch light because if the light is on they feel it will attract attention.

“People’s quality of life has definitely been impacted because of anti-social behaviour. There is no doubt about it,” the resident said.

“Residents would like to see more police in the area when pubs are closing. We would also appeal to those behind it all to think how they would feel if someone kicked their door in, or their granny’s door, or if they were at home with a young child asleep and were wakened at three in the morning?”

Chief Insp. Donaldson admitted police can always do better, adding: “I’ll give you an assurance we will do all we can to make you feel safer in your home.”

Recent statistics show police have recorded 286 less incidents of anti-social behaviour this year so far compared to last year.