Residents renew ‘lock us in’ appeal

City centre residents plagued by late night revellers say a gate across their street is the only option to curb antisocial behaviour in the area.

In June, the ‘Journal’ reported that Rock Terrace residents were urging Derry City Council to “lock them in” at night amid ongoing anti social problems in the area.

At that time one resident said that people’s lives were being made a misery by late night revellers who on a nightly basis use the street to urinate, vomit and fight.

The resident said couples having sex in the street and people urinating in resident’s letterboxes had become commonplace.

Now, a resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says the situation has not improved.

“The situation is still the same, people are frightened to be in their own homes, frightened to leave their cars parked in the street. The drunken behaviour just goes on.

“And still nothing has been done. We have not heard of any prosecutions, no deterrents have been introduced, nothing has changed.

“A gate remains the only option. It would stop our homes, our property from being damaged, it would give us some degree of peace of mind.”

He says residents fear the situation will be further compounded with the expected influx of students over the coming weeks.

A Derry City Council spokeswoman says the local authority is aware of residents concerns.

“It is our understanding that representatives from Rock Terrace are to be invited to attend monthly meetings set up by the Aberfoyle and Duncreggan Residents Association with the licensees of the bars and nightclubs at which all issues can be discussed.”

She says a report detailing the outcome of the meetings will be submitted to council in the new year.