SDLP: Lowrys Lane Gates to be locked, warns Councillor Cusack

Colr Shauna Cusack
Colr Shauna Cusack

SDLP Derry City Councillor Shauna Cusack would like the public to be advised that the access gates along Lowrys Lane will once again be locked at the weekends in order to deter anti social behaviour.

Cllr Cusack stated, ‘’For almost six months, the gates at Lowrys Lane have been open - a direct result of the threat to Community Safety Wardens last year and recent bad weather.

“But I am delighted to see our community wardens back on the ground, protecting our community and deterring any further anti-social incidents. Local residents had informed me over the recent spell of good weather and the Easter holidays, groups of young people had started to gather in the area and were causing nuisance.

“The simple action of locking the gates last year proved to be a very effective tool in preventing such gatherings and ending the torment of people living nearby.

“That same course of action, in which the access gates will be open in the mornings and locked in the evenings, is now being implemented. Further discussions will soon be underaway to see what steps can be put in place for the Summer Holiday period, should the need arise.”