‘Selfish’ vandalism at Creggan Shops in Derry must stop warns Derry Councillor

Those responsible for vandalising street lights at the Creggan Shops have been urged to stop their activity and to think about the effect it is having on the community.

Saturday, 28th August 2021, 8:30 am
Shops in Central Drive, Creggan. (file picture) DER2126GS - 050

His comments come after the repeated vandalism prompted Transport NI to ask councillors for their support, SDLP Councillor for the Moor John Boyle said.

Colr. Boyle said: “The Roads Division of Transport NI have taken the unprecedented step of contacting local elected representatives for the Creggan area to enlist our support in preventing future vandalism of street lights at the Creggan shops on Central Drive.

“I am appealing to those who are responsible for the vandalism to stop and think of the effect that their selfish behaviour is having on their own families, friends and neighbours.

“This past week Transport NI have had to attend to remove and replace entirely three street lights that were very badly damaged. All of this comes at significant cost to the public purse.”

Councillor Boyle added: “If the vandalism continues I am worried that in future there may be no finance available to fix or replace these lights and that in the winter months people might be left literally in the dark when shopping in the area.

“This wanton destruction is presenting as a danger to the elderly and vulnerable in our community and I don’t want to see a situation develop where people are reluctant to visit the local businesses and amenities in the area.”