Sentenced for drug and driving offences


A man who snorted cocaine out of his cap while he queued for tickets for a concert has received a suspended sentence.

An arrest warrant had been issued for 26-year-old Donald Leo Fitzpatrick after he failed to turn up to court for sentencing last year.

He fled across the border after he received a threat against his life and is ‘living in a caravan’.

However, on Monday night Fitzpatrick was arrested for committing further driving offences.

The 26-year-old, of Liscloon Drive, pleaded guilty to possessing class A drugs, dishonestly using electricity, driving whilst disqualified and having no insurance.

The offences were committed between June, 2014 and February 23, this year.

Derry Magistrates Court heard people queueing for tickets for an MTV Crashes event complained to police about Fitzpatrick.

They saw him take something from his baseball cap and snort it.

Police searched the 26-year-old and found a small wrap of white powder in his cap.

On Monday night, police spotted Fitzpatrick driving a Lexus car in the Shantallow area of the city.

He was a disqualified driver and had no insurance to drive the car.

District Judge Barney McElholm suspended an 11 month sentence for two years and disqualified the 26-year-old from driving for two years. He also fined him £50.