Sentencing in indecent images case adjourned

Daniel "Speedy" Carlin
Daniel "Speedy" Carlin

Sentencing in the case against a convicted sex offender who pleaded guilty to nine charges of making indecent images was adjourned this week to allow the Crown Court to hear more evidence.

Daniel Martin ‘Speedy’ Carlin was due to be sentenced on Wednesday of this week. The 62-year-old had pleaded guilty to nine charges of making indecent images between April 24, 2008 and April 9, 2010 at Derry Crown Court in August.

At the sentencing hearing on Wednesday a barrister for the Prosecution said Carlin’s home at Ballyarnett Village had been searched by police on April 8, 2010.

During the search police seized video cassettes, floppy disks, CDs and a total of four computer towers and PCs.

The items were taken for examination and between one computer tower and a COMPAQ PC a total of 67 indecent images of children were recovered.

The court heard these had been deleted but were recovered by Ecrime.

Of these items the majority were listed as Level 1 pictures but ten were listed as level 4 (the highest category being level 5).

The computers revealed the user had accessed a number of pornography sites including those featuring teen and young pornography. Searches were also found on ‘sex offenders rights against anonymous allegations’ and a search on ‘how to delete a computer hard drive.’

Carlin was interviewed about the computers in July 2011 where he told police he did access pornography, including teen pornography and would experiment with different sites but when he saw what he would label as child pornography he would immediately click off the links.

He also told police he had clicked on certain thumbnail pictures and once he realised what they were and that they had downloaded to his computer, he immediately deleted them.

President Judge Stephen Fowler said he needed to know if it was possible for Carlin to download such images accidentally and that this would have a bearing on sentencing.

He adjourned the case to sit again on Wednesday of next week, saying he needed to hear more evidence.