Spat at police officers after arrest for being disorderly

A Derry man who spat at police officers has been ordered to pay compensation.

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard that two police officers were assaulted by Martin White (29), of 4D Clarendon Street after he shouted abuse in the Waterside.

Officers observed the defendant standing at the bottom of Fountain Hill with his shirt off, shouting incoherently. He was asked to calm down but then shouted: “You’re all RUC b*******”, before telling officers to “f*** off”.

White was taken to Strand Road police station where he spat in the face of an officer sitting in a vehicle. While he was being removed he spat on another officer’s shoulder. White admitted the offences. His solicitor said his client had a “very bad record”.

He added that the “only glimmer of hope” for his client was that his last offence involving police occurred three years ago.

White was given 18 months probation, 60 hours community service and a two month prison sentence which was suspended for one year. He was ordered to pay the two police officers £100 in compensation.