Speeding, noisy drivers warned of potential car seizures

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The PSNI have warned drivers whose poor driving standards have reportedly been creating a noise nuisance in Claudy that the force has the power to seize their vehicles.

Police have said they have received a number of reports about speeding and noisy cars in the village.

“Waterside Neighbourhood Team have recently been receiving complaints in relation to poor driving standards in the Claudy area.

“Residents are concerned about the speed and noise coming from the vehicles in question,” said the PSNI in a statement.

The ‘anti-social’ behaviour of some drivers has prompted an increased police presence over recent weekends.

“We have been in the area for the last few weekends to prevent/deter and deal with any offences that present to us. Police do have powers to issue a warning and seize vehicles that are anti-social.... not to mention the dreaded fixed penalty ticket! But we would prefer education as opposed to enforcement.”