Spiked doctor’s appeal adjourned

Dr Eireann Kerr
Dr Eireann Kerr

The appeal by the doctor convicted of assaulting two police officers has been adjourned.

Eireann Kerr is to appeal her conviction and the two month conditional discharge imposed by the magistrate’s court.

It was listed for hearing earlier today however the 32-year-old’s defence team made an application to adjourn the case to allow them to make representations to the Public Prosecution Service.

Kerr was convicted of disorderly behaviour, assaulting and resisting police in December 2013.

It was accepted by the court at the time that her drink had been spiked with the date rape drug GHB.

A prosecutor told the Derry County Court that the PPS are ‘obliged’ to review the case at every opportunity.

He added that the public interest test was reviewed prior to the contest and before the appeal.

The barrister said he has been instructed that the case will proceed.

Judge Philip Babington adjourned the case to allow formal representations to be made by the defence.

However, the judge warned ‘I want to see this case move. Justice delayed is justice denied. That applies to all cases not just this one’.

The case will be mentioned again on June 5. Dr Kerr has been excused from attending this hearing.