Stolen phone victim ends up being charged with supplying oxycodone, cannabis, and amphetamine


The victim of two punishment attacks was charged with drugs offences after he reported his phone had been stolen, a court has heard.

After police found Gerard Patrick Lavy’s phone they discovered messages relating to drug supply.

Lavy, whose address was given on court papers as Ballymagowan Avenue, Derry, admitted a total of eight drugs offences between February and March last year.

They include offers to supply class A, B and C drugs. Among the drugs Lavy offered to supply were oxycodone, cannabis, and amphetamine.

Derry Crown Court heard that Lavy, who was the victim of a punishment attack earlier this year, reported a burglary at his home in March 10.

Police then stopped an individual who was found with bank cards, post office cards and Lavy’s phone.

Police examined the phone and there was evidence of the 30-year-old being involved in the supply of drugs.

During police interview, Lavy denied supplying drugs but admitted taking drugs.

The messages from the phone were put to him and Lavy said he had a ‘circle of friends’ who he might have swapped drugs with.

However, he continued to deny supplying drugs for profit.

Defence barrister Sean Doherty said his client is a vulnerable individual who has been addicted to drugs for the last 12 years.

The barrister added that there ‘was no level of sophistication and no evidence of guile’ in the supply operation.

Mr Doherty also revealed Lavy had been the victim of an attack by ‘criminal vigilante’ individuals earlier this year.

He had also been the victim of another punishment attack in 2003.

Judge Philip Babington said he would sentence Lavy at a later date and the defendant was remanded in custody.