Stone throwers could kill - police warn

Police have warned someone could be killed by stonethowing teenagers in Derry.

The warning comes as the PSNI’s Foyle City West Neighbourhood Team say they have received recent reports of stone throwing in the Bligh’s Lane, Bligh’s Garden and Eastway areas.

Neighbourhood officer Constable Paul Burns says it “cannot be stressed strongly enough how dangerous this type of behaviour is.”

“Young people should not believe for one second that this is just a bit of fun or an idle way to pass time. In reality a stone thrown at a car or bus could shatter a window, cause the driver to lose control and potentially put the lives of passengers and other road users at serious risk.”

He says the onus is on parents to know what their children are doing.

“Parents need to play an active role to ensure their son or daughter is not mixed up in this behaviour. If they are, speak to them about the real danger they are posing to others.

“We would also encourage anyone who witnesses stone throwing in their area to note down good descriptions of offenders so that police can work quickly to identify these culprits,” he says.