Suspended sentence for drunk driver

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A man who assaulted a doctor at a police station has had a three month sentence suspended for two years.

Sean Hugh Brady, of Whitethorn Drive, Curryneirin, pleaded guilty to common assault and resisting police.

The 32-year-old also pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol and failing to provide a driving licence on May 9th.

Brady, who has been abusing alcohol since the age of 12, has 53 previous convictions.

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard police saw Brady staggering on the Strand Road before getting into a car.

He drove the car a short distance before it was stopped by the officers.

The breathalyser was broken so a blood sample had to be obtained from Brady which gave a reading of 207 mgs. of alcohol in blood, which is more than twice the legal drink-drive limit.

The court heard Brady was in a medical treatment room in the police station when a personal alarm was sounded by a doctor.

The 32-year-old had pushed the doctor over an examination bed, however, the doctor was not injured.

Defence Counsel, Stephen Chapman, said his client has been abusing alcohol from a ‘desperately young age’ and has accumulated a long record.

He said alcohol had wrecked Brady’s life.

The barrister said the 32-year-old is now a recovering alcoholic who is studying for a diploma.

He added Brady has also set up a running club for recovering addicts.

Suspending the sentence, Deputy District Judge, Oonagh Mullan, accepted Brady is trying to better his life but said to assault a doctor is ‘not acceptable.’

Judge Mullan also fined Brady a total of £350 and disqualified him from driving for driving for 18 months.