Suspended sentence for man who scaled police station wall

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An 18 year old man who scaled a 16ft wall outside Strand Road police station has been given a four month jail term suspended for three years.

Thomas Gerard Ward, of 5 Daisyfield Park, was charged with disorderly behaviour and resisting police, relating to an incident at Strand Road yesterday afternoon.

The court heard that Ward had been arrested at the Public Inquiry office of the station , had made off from police, scaled the 16 foot wall and refused to come down.

The Fire and Rescue Service were called to the scene where they gave him a ladder. The 18 year old pushed it away and began to spit at and heckle police officers below.

The court heard that Ward refused to come down until his solicitor arrived.

Defence solicitor Michael Magee said his client ‘ s actions were fuelled by fear.

He said the 18 year old had spent four months on remand last year accused of burglary offences and was fearful he would be imprisoned again.

However Mr Magee said his behaviour was totally unacceptable, that he regrets it and apologises for it.

He told the court: “ It was a quite remarkable feat of athleticism to scale that wall. Perhaps with the Olympics coming up he should channel his energies in a more positive way.”

Suspending the jail term District Judge Barney McElholm said it was absolutely disgraceful to take up the time of the Fire Service and to spit and heckle at police.

He ordered Ward to pay £500 compensation to the Fire and Rescue Service and said while it will not come near covering the cost it would teach Ward a lesson.