Suspended sentence for woman who kicked officer

A woman who kicked a police officer has received a suspended sentence.

Friday, 16th September 2016, 1:06 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:34 pm
Derry's Courthouse on Bishop Street. 3003JM66

Natasha Deery, of Fern Park, pleaded guilty to assaulting police on June 26.

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard police were called to a house in the early hours of the morning.

There was a lot of shouting coming from the property and the front door was unlocked.

Officers entered the house and were met by the resident, who asked for Deery to be removed.

She was in the kitchen in a ‘highly intoxicated and agitated state’ and there was broken glass on the floor.

The 23-year-old began shouting and police took hold of her arms in an attempt to calm her.

She continued to shout and police escorted her out of the house. As they did, Deery kicked out at an officer.

The court heard her high heel caught the officer on the shin, leaving him with a scrape.

Defence solicitor Maeliosa Barr said his client was going through a difficult time and ‘unfortunately she consumed vast amounts of alcohol’.

Mr Barr told the court his client ‘lashed out’ at the police in her upset state.

He said Deery ‘doesn’t remember a great deal about the incident’ but is ‘deeply ashamed’ of her behaviour.

District Judge Peter King suspended a three month sentence for two years.

He said suspended sentences were imposed in the past and the defendant stayed out of trouble.