‘Taking the fight to drug dealers’

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The PSNI’s Operation Torus has resulted in the seizure of more than £400,000 worth of drugs across G District since its launch six weeks ago. A result, Detective Chief Inspector, Garry Eaton, described as; “Showing that the PSNI are taking the fight to drug dealers at street level.”

The drugs, estimated to be valued at £417, 900, have been seized across G District which includes Derry, Limavady and Strabane, and represent a substantial part of the £0.5 million drugs hauled in by police across the whole of Northern Ireland during the same time frame.

Praising the public for their co-operation in providing police with information on street level dealers, DCI Garry Eaton said: “The public are phoning us with the relevant information and we are showing them that we can, and do respond. We could not self-generate that level of information on drug dealers in such a short space of time, so we are grateful for the information provided. Information is the lifeblood of Operation Torus, a key part of the success. It shows the public that any concerns should be sent to the police who will deal with them.”

DCI Eaton said: “While a sizeable portion of the drugs seized included 38kilos of cannabis in Magherafelt, a seizure with a street value of £380,000, it still means over £38,000 worth of other drugs have been taken off the street.

“Information provided has allowed us to conduct 214 searches, 118 arrests and the detection of 166 offences by officers, that is better news. We are pleased with the results of the operation.”

The success, said DCI Eaton, shows that the public are willing to turn to and have confidence in the PSNI and not paramilitaries when it comes to the issue of drugs: “It shows the public believe that we, the PSNI and the judiciary, as well as those organisations who deal with social issues around drug abuse in the community, are the proper and correct way to address the issue.”

While additional funding was provided for the operation DCI Garry Eaton, said: “The success was due also to the work of the full G District team. This operation involved officers at every level. The load was spread throughout the team and we feel the extra work was worth it as we’ve been responsible for getting these drugs off the streets.”