Taxi man cleared of rape says “life in tatters”

A former taxi driver has told how his life has been left in “tatters” after a rape allegation saw him dragged through the courts.

All charges against Kieron Coyle (39) from Killygordon in Donegal relating to an alleged rape of a female on December 15 were withdrawn at Derry Magistrate’s Court this morning.

Speaking to the Journal afterwards Mr Coyle said he will now try and rebuild his life, “as best he can” but is currently fearful he will be targetted by dissidents, who he has been informed are building a profile on him.

“I’ve taken to drink to get me through the last four months of hell. My wife lives in Donegal and I’ve not been able to live with her.

“Most of my friends have deserted me. I live in fear of the dissidents. I’ve lost my job, my taxi licence has been taken away.

“I do not know the girl who made this up and now it has been proved I never laid a finger on her.”

Mr Coyle said the law does not do enough to protect men who have been accused of rape. “I know my name is still mud.”

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