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A teacher accused of raping a teenage girl allegedly told her not to worry about getting pregnant because he had had the “snip”, a court has heard.

Stewart Robert Smith, of Winchester Park, is on trial accused of three charges of rape and one of indecent assault.

The charges relate to three alleged incidents between December 1, 2002 and August 31, 2003, when the complainant was aged 14-years-old.

Opening the trial to a Derry Crown Court jury of eight men and four women, prosecuting counsel Jackie Orr QC said Smith was a family friend of the complainant and a “frequent visitor” to her home.

She claimed the 39-year-old teacher would often bring drink with him to share with the teenager’s mother and he would spend the night in a spare room of the house.

Ms Orr told the jury they would also hear evidence from the alleged injured party that she also used to clean Smith’s home.

He allegedly would take her out in the car and took her to the cinema on one occasion.

On the night of the first alleged incident, the teenager had a “couple of shots” of Aftershock with Smith and her mother.

She will claim she was “tipsy and slightly drunk” and when she went to the bathroom Smith came in behind her and kissed her.

The jury was told they will hear allegations Smith and the girl, who is now in her 20s, went into the spare bedroom and intercourse took place.

Ms Orr said the second alleged incident also took place in the girl’s home and she claims she was kissed and touched by the accused.

After this, Ms Orr said the girl believed she was “in some sort of relationship with the defendant”.

The jury heard the teenager was taken to Liverpool by Smith to see a football match and they also allegedly went to a tattoo parlour to get tattoos.

It was claimed when they returned from the trip, Smith told the complainant he would not be visiting her home again.

However, a couple of months later he allegedly sent a text message to the girl inviting her to his house. It was claimed they got drunk and intercourse took place.

Ms Orr told the jurors it was the prosecution case “that was in fact rape. She wasn’t consenting but he just carried on regardless”.

The court also heard allegations that the girl approached Smith three weeks later because she was concerned she may be pregnant.

He allegedly told her “not to worry because he had had the snip.”

Ms Orr said the 39-year-old was interviewed by police about the allegations and “denied each and every allegation of inappropriate conduct”.

He said he never had intercourse with the teen and never touched her inappropriately. The 39-year-old also denied he had given her alcohol.

During police interview Smith claimed that the allegations were “totally unfounded” and said he “didn’t know why she was making them up”.

Ms Orr said it was the prosecution case that once the jury had “considered all the evidence and all the facts of the case, you will be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt the defendant is guilty of each and everyone of the allegations”.

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