Teen admits burglary

Bishop street Courthouse
Bishop street Courthouse

A vulnerable woman hid under her bed covers as a burglar rifled through her belongings, a court has heard.

Derry Crown Court was told the victim, who has health problems, has been left ‘traumatised’ by the incident.

Michael Connors, of Strabane Old Road, pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to steal on February 6.

The court was told the 19-year-old cycled to the flat in the Roemill Walk area of Limavady and gained entry to it by smashing a pane of glass on the front door.

The injured party was in bed sleeping when she was woken by a noise coming from a spare bedroom.

She was ‘absolutely terrified’ when she realised someone was in her home and was scared that the burglar would come into her bedroom.

The woman hid under her bed covers and phoned for a family member to come to her assistance.

Connors was still in the flat when the injured party’s brother in law came in, claiming to be a police officer.

The court heard that the 19-year-old ‘looked like he was on another planet’ and admitted he had taken ‘blues’ before leaving the property.

It was revealed nothing was stolen from the flat, however almost £500 worth of damage had been caused during the burglary.

The court was told the injured party is a vulnerable woman who has been left traumatised as a result of the burglary.

Defence counsel Seamus McNeill said his client had a ‘totally disfunctional’ upbringing and began committing criminal offences at the age of 11.

He said Connors has ‘serious addiction problems’ and his criminal record is reflective of that.

The barrister said it was an ‘opportunistic burglary’ and the 19-year-old had not specifically targeted the woman because of her vulnerability.

He told the court there was no sophistication or planning and nothing had been stolen during the burglary.

Sentencing was adjourned until next week and Connors was remanded in custody.