Teen subjected police to ‘drunken and disgraceful behaviour’

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A teenager who assaulted police officers as they tried to prevent him harming himself has been bound over to keep the peace for a year.

As part of the binding over, 19-year-old Martin McDonald is banned from consuming alcohol and licensed premises in Derry.

McDonald, of Cromore Gardens, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour and assaulting police on August 30.

Derry Magistrates Court heard police were called to the Peace Bridge because friends were concerned about the 19-year-old’s safety.

He was trying to climb over the railings of the bridge and was being restrained by his girlfriend.

Police intervened and arrested the 19-year-old under the Mental Health Act.

McDonald began shouting and swearing at police and struggled with the officers.

At one stage he kicked out at an officer, however no injury was caused.

A defence solicitor told the court his client had been to a concert in Ebrington Square and had too much drink on the night in question.

He said McDonald is ‘deeply embarrassed by what happened’ and wishes to apologise for the trouble he caused.

Passing sentence, District Judge Paul Copeland said it is not clear what the teenager was doing on this night ‘whether this was just some kind of stupid act of bravado or a confused, drink driven attempt to do yourself harm’.

However, the judge said the defendant ‘caused alarm’ to others and subjected the police to ‘drunken and disgraceful behaviour’.

Judge Copeland told McDonald ‘you and alcohol are not friends and you would need to think long and hard before you come into this city, get tanked up and go out and cause trouble’.

He fined the teen £250 and bound him over to keep the peace for a year.

The judge warned McDonald ‘if you can’t behave yourself when you are out in this city you have no business being in it’.