Teen told to apologise to policemen’s families

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A judge asked a teenager make an unreserved apology to the PSNI and the families of Stephen Carroll and Ronan Kerr for comments he made about the murdered police officers.

Barry Coyle, of 43 Cable Street, pleaded guilty to two charges of disorderly behaviour relating to an incident on December 18, last year.

Derry Magistrates Court heard the 19-year-old spat on the window of a police landrover on patrol in the Shipquay Street area of the city.

Coyle was spotted by officers in the Diamond a short time later and when they spoke to him he said “Stephen Carroll and Ronan Kerr got what they deserved.”

Defence solicitor Gareth McFadden told the court the teenager wishes to “disassociate himself from this comments. He in now way endroses the view given to police that night.”

District Judge Barney McElhom said to “take pleasure in the murder of another human being is in itself inhuman.”

He asked Coyle if he apologised unreservedly to the PSNI and the Carroll and Kerr families, and the teenager replied “yes.”

The judge said the remarks were “disgraceful” and adjourned sentencing for a probation pre-sentence report.

He warned Coyle that he will be ordered to pay compensation to the PSNI Benevolent Fund.

Coyle will appear in court again on February 12