Ten months jail for man who fought police and stole £17 of booze from Tesco

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A judge has said he does not believe a 25-year-old man who admitted disorderly behaviour ‘will ever change his ways’

District Judge Barney McElholm made the comment as Sean Patrick Gibbons appeared at the local magistrate’s court.

Gibbons, of Rushcroft Park, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour, assaulting and resisting police on June 2.

He also admitted stealing alcohol worth £17 from Tesco on June 10.

The 25-year-old had also breached a community service by failing to engage.

The court heard that on June 2, police were tasked to a city centre bar to investigate an assault.

Officers approached the defendant and he told them ‘those b******* are harassing me’. He was pointing towards a group of tourists at the time.

There was no complaint in relation to the alleged assault and police told Gibbons he was free to go.

However, he began to shout ‘aggressively’ into an officer’s face.

The 25-year-old attempted to punch the officer and pushed him.

Gibbons was arrested and struggled with the officers.

Defence solicitor Paddy McDaid told the court his client did not engage with the community service order because he suffered a ‘tragic accident’ in April.

He said Gibbons lost the sight in one eye in a work-related accident.

The solicitor said this accident has ‘caused him to take stock of where he is going and where he will end up’.

Mr McDaid added the defendant now ‘wants to take the first step to deal with his issues’.

District Judge McElholm said Gibbons ‘doesn’t deserve another chance. He has been given every opportunity in the past and everything has been thrown back in the face of the court’.

He added if the accident was the cause of ‘Damascene conversion’ the 25-year-old would have ‘done something between now and then to engage with probation. But he has been committing more offences’.

The judge jailed Gibbons for a total of ten months and said ‘I simply don’t believe this man is ever going to change his ways’.