TG4 examines murder of sheep farmer Patrick Devine

The late Patrick Devine.
The late Patrick Devine.

The family of a County Derry nurse and sheep farmer who was brutally murdered in 2004 are to take part in a new series on TG4 that re-examines tragic murders from quiet and remote parts of Ireland and the legacy they have left.

Racht will be start broadcasting on September 30.

Patrick Devine died when was shot six times through his kitchen window in the Sperrin Mountains in Co Derry. His family talk about this open case and their 10 year struggle to get answers.

The series also examine the cases of Stephen Lyne who died on the side of a road in Killarney less than 300 metres from his home from a single stab wound. His mother, Lotte, talks about her son and the serious issue of knife crime.

And Baby E Roscommon. 1934. Elizabeth Edwards gave birth to a baby girl. Less than three months later both she and her sister Rose stood trial for her baby’s murder, although the body was never found. Irish author Clíona Rattigan is an expert on infanticide and has written extensively on the subject. Clíona tells how devastating this infanticide was for the local Roscommon community.

The series is produced by Indee Films.