‘They took my home from me’ - mother distraught after arson

Lisa Cruickshank whose Cuthbert Street home was targeted by arsonists. (1007PG131)
Lisa Cruickshank whose Cuthbert Street home was targeted by arsonists. (1007PG131)

A mother of two whose home was attacked by arsonists at the weekend said she’ll never feel safe in her home again.

Other residents in Cuthbert Street are also set to leave as a result of the arson attack. Lisa Cruickshank, whose home was targeted, asked anyone with information to come forward as “The next family might not be as lucky as us.”

Ms. Cruickshank was awoken by her fire alarms at 4.30am on Saturday morning. Luckily her children weren’t at home at the time. She said she had to run a gaunlet of smoke through the house and escape to the rear of her home. A wheelie bin had been pushed against her front door and set alight.

Escaping to the rear of the house, Lisa noticed that an attempt to set fire to her oil burner was also made.

“I’ll never forget going to the top of the stairs and seeing the smoke piling upstairs. I thought my livingroom was on fire. I grabbed a top and ran through the house out the back door. Then I noticed that rubbish had been lit around the back of the boiler.

“I can’t sleep. I haven’t slept since it happened. I popped home for a few minutes yesterday but I won’t be back in that house. They took my home from me. The attack was completely out of the blue. I’ve lived there for 14 months - it was a quiet area until now.”

A neighbour of Ms. Cruickshank yesterday told The Journal: “I plan to move out now also. You can’t stay somewhere where this is going on? It’s madness.”