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An Inishowen businessperson was left horrified this week when he saw what he describe as a “regular customer” openly stealing from his shelves.

The Moville based shop owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, couldn’t believe his eyes when CCTV footage revealed a customer robbing items from their shelves.

The businessperson contacted the ‘Journal’ this week to send a warning to other shopkeepers and businesspeople to beware of the increasing threat posed by local thieves.

Speaking yesterday they said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I watched the footage back. This person, who I know well, was stealing loads of items from the shop. They were wearing a large coat and just blatantly walking up and down the aisles throwing packets of biscuits, crisps, frozen food; you name it they took it. They simply have no shame and god knows how long this has been going on.”

The shopkeeper said they felt the need to warn others about this type of activity.

“I’m just so disgusted that people would do to us. Everyone is struggling to get by at the minute, but there is no excuse for stealing. Businesspeople in Inishowen are struggling to keep our doors open and in an area where shops are closing down every week, we’re just trying to keep our heads above water.”

The source added: “I just want to let everyone know to be on their guard. There are some people out there who have no respect for anyone. People think they need to be aware of strangers in the vicinity, people they don’t know, but its people much closer to home you might need to watch - I know I’ve definitely learned a hard lesson. One thing is for sure it goes to show the benefits CCTV footage can have for any business.”

It is believed the incident will shortly be reported to Gardai.