‘This is your last chance it’s up to you’ says Judge

The courthouse at Bishop Street, Derry.
The courthouse at Bishop Street, Derry.

A 33-years-old woman has been warned by Derry’s District Judge that she has been given her last chance to sort herself out.

Mr. Barney McElhom was speaking to Naomi Graham whose address was given as Foyle Valley House, Foyle Road who appeared in court on Friday charged with resisting a constable and being disorderly in a public place.

The court heard that on March 18th police attended a house in Carnhill where they saw an intoxicated female outside shouting and swearing. The defendant, Graham, was advised to move on by police, however, the court was told, she became aggressive.

She was arrested at the scene for disorderly behaviour and resisted arrest. Her solicitor told the court that a suspended sentence had been imposed by the court a short time before these offences.

He said that his client had spent eight months of last year in Gransha Hospital but that she was now living in Foyle Valley House and engaging with various services to try and get a handle on her alcohol problems.

District Judge Barney McElhom said that Graham was in breach of a suspended sentence. He said that while there were chronic mental issues she couldn’t do anything about, she could do something about her addiction.

He said on this occasion he would not activate the suspended sentence. For the resisting a police officer he sentenced her to a 12 month Probation Order and for the disorderly behaviour he imposed a four month sentence suspended for two years.