Those behind wrecking spree need to be ‘brought before courts’

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A Derry councillor has condemned those who set wheelie bins and garden furniture alight during a night of anti social behaviour in Galliagh.

Sinn Fein councillor Tony Hassan says those behind the incidents on Friday night should be brought before the courts.

“Once again we have a very small anti-community element involved in this wrecking spree .Wheelie bins and garden furniture was taken from local homes, dragged out onto the road and set on fire,” he says.

“It has caused an awful mess, environmental hazard and disrupted the lives of local residents, not to mention the financial cost of having to replace the stolen bins and furniture. Damage was also caused to street lighting and bus shelters.

“I would like to commend local community workers for bringing calm to the area in what were very difficult circumstances and the fire brigade for putting out the fires.

“Those responsible need to be brought before the courts for their criminal activity as speedily as possible,” he says.