Threatened to burn house and garage

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A man who threatened to burn down a doorman’s house has been fined £250.

Gary Mooney, of Claremont House, Richmond Avenue, pleaded guilty to threatening to damage property on June 8, 2013.

The 27-year-old also admitted indecent behaviour in June this year.

Derry Magistrates Court heard the injured party, who is employed as a doorman in a local bar, was approached by Mooney.

He apologised for an earlier incident and attempted to get into the bar.

However, Mooney was told he was barred from the premises.

He told the doorman ‘you think you are a big man but you are nothing but a d*******. I know about the house in Creggan. I will burn that and burn your garage’.

During police interview, the 27-year-old accepted he ‘lost the rag’ but said he couldn’t remember making any threat towards the injured party.

In June this year, Mooney urinated on the Strand Road. There were members of the public in the area at the time.

Police approached the defendant but he ran off, vaulting a high fence.

He was apprehended a short time later and replied ‘I’m sorry’.

Defence solicitor Maeliosa Barr said his client ‘lost the rag’ when he made the threat to the doorman but he had ‘no intention’ to carry out the threat.

The solicitor said it was a ‘completely stupid’ thing to do.

Imposing the fine, District Judge Peter King said Mooney had ‘let his mouth run away with itself’ when he made the threat.

Referring to the indecent behaviour, the judge said there was ‘nothing to suggest you are a habitual trouser dropper’.