Three year sentence for man who began sexually abusing sister when he was ten


One of Northern Ireland’s youngest ever sex offenders who was just ten-years-old when he began to abuse his little sister was jailed for three years today.

One of Northern Ireland’s youngest ever sex offenders who was just ten-years-old when he began to abuse his little sister was jailed for three years today.

Jailing the 23-year-old at Derry Crown Court, sitting in Downpatrick, Judge Piers Grant told the man his “wicked” actions as he sought “disgusting sexual gratification” had unsurprisingly blighted his sister’s life and had caused her to develop an eating disorder and depression.

He told the paedophile, who agreed to undergo three years on probation after his release, that although he himself was a young man when the abuse began, it had continued up until he was 18 and had gained more maturity.

Last June, after a jury had been sworn in to hear his trial, the Derry man, who cannot be identified to protect his victims, pleaded guilty to 21 counts of indecent assault and one of inciting gross indecency against one sister and a further charge of gross indecency against his youngest sister on dates between February 17 2000 and February 2 2009.

The court heard how the defendant’s principal victim was just eight-years-old when her brother began to touch her inappropriately but that it soon escalated to him forcing her to touch him.

Judge Grant heard that the girl could remember numerous occasions when she was forced to perform a sex act on her brother but today he said the most serious aspect of the case was when he had sex with his younger sibling.

The victim was around eight or nine when her brother came into her bedroom and started to touch her private parts, telling her he had been “looking forward to this all day” before having sex with her.

“She told him it was painful and to stop but he continued until he had finished,” said the judge adding that “she was so upset she ran to the bathroom where she was physically sick”.

Judge Grant said the Derry man’s victim said the abuse happened “pretty much” on a daily basis or when they had been left alone.

During one incident when her brother was abusing his sister in the bedroom, their youngest sister was there as well and had to watch as she performed a sex act on her then aged 14-year-old brother.

The now 20-year-old victim told police what had happened to her in 2011 and as a result, her brother was arrested and interviewed but denied doing anything wrong.

Judge Grant said he was sure his eventual guilty pleas were “of great comfort to each of the victims,” even though it was “at a very late stage”.

He told the 23-year-old pervert there were numerous aggravating features to the case including the fact that his sister had been “affected grievously,” he had been in a position of trust, the extended period of the abuse, the element of “grooming” and his “persistent” attempts to persuade her otherwise when she said no.

In mitigation however, the judge added that he was young when it began and he had shown remorse.

Jailing him, Judge Grant described his actions as “wicked” and which “must have been an appalling experience” for his victims, particularly his younger sister whom he so regularly abused.

As well as the jail and probation terms, the judge ordered him to sign the police sex offenders register, barred him from working with children and that he must disclose his convictions to any female he has a relationship with.