Tierney condemns Galliagh playpark fire

SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney.
SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney.

SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney has condemned an arson attack on a children’s playpark in Galliagh.

Colr Tierney described the incident as a “mindlesss attack on a very popular community facility”.

Colr Tierney said “At around 8:30pm on Sunday I received calls from worried residents of Elaghmore and Cashelhill Park who reported that there was a fire in the local play park. I made my way to the park and was shocked at the scale of the blaze.”

“Thankfully the fire service and the PSNI were quickly on the scene and the fire was extinguished in a short time. However, today we are counting the cost of the actions of a few mindless people who somehow think it is fun to destroy popular community facilities.

Colr Tierney said: “This is one of the few playparks in the area and the residents I have spoken to are very annoyed at this wanton destruction. I have spoken to Derry City Council about getting this damage repaired as soon as possible. Council officers have surveyed the damage and have had to cordon off the climbing frame area which will be unusable for a number of weeks because new parts have to be ordered.”

Colr Tierney added: “I live quite close to this park and visit it a lot with my children. The park was packed with local residents and children on Sunday, however I feel it won’t be today as this thoughtless action will no doubt put people off using it. This is not the image we want portrayed of our area and I would appeal to those involved in this type of behaviour to stop it and allow local children to enjoy local parks,” Councillor Tierney concluded.

Colr Tierney called on anyone with information on those behind the attack to pass it to the police.