Told cops ‘I’ll put you in an early grave’


A man who told police ‘I’ll put you in an early grave’ has been jailed at Derry Magistrate’s Court.

Terence Doherty (38) of Dunluce Court admitted a series of public order and assault offences.The court heard that on May 22 police were called to an address where the defendant’s father asked for Doherty.

When he was approached by police he said ‘I’ll put you in an early grave’ and once placed in a police vehicle he spat at one officer’s face and then spat all around the vehicle.

When cautioned he replied ‘Barney McElholm won’t give a f--k about a c--t like me.’

On May 23 police were again called to the same address and told that Doherty had smashed glasses in the house. Police went to a nearby shop where Doherty was and he refused to leave and then became abusive.

He was brought outside and dragged his feet shouting and swearing at police.

The court heard that on August 20 police were called to a local hotel where some customers were refusing to leave and being aggressive.

When police arrived Doherty and another man were walking away and when stopped the defendant grabbed an officer and tried to topple him over.

Then on August 24 police received reports of cars being damaged in Cedar Street.

When Doherty was arrested he refused to leave the police vehicle and tried to kick an officer.

He told police he had been abusing alcohol and cocaine.

Defence counsel Mr. Paul Kearney said his client was trying to change his ways.

Doherty was sentenced to 10 months in prison.