Told police to leave loyalist estate

Scales of Justice
Scales of Justice

A man who told police to ‘f... off and get out of a loyalist estate’ has been fined £200 at Derry Magistrate’s Court when he appeared on a charge of disorderly behaviour.

Trevor Walker, (39), of 3 Gloucester Avenue,Waterside, was charged with being disorderly on February 28th this year at Curlew Way. The prosecuting counsel told the court police were called to Curlew Way where Walker was kicking the door of a property. When police approached him, he told them to ‘f... off’ at the top of his voice

He continued shouting at the top of his voice telling police:”You bastards are the reason republican bombers go free. This is a loyalist estate, Get the f... out of here.”

He was told to calm down but replied, again at the top of his voice, “ F... you, you scumbag. I served my country unlike you”.

He was then arrested and because of his behaviour was placed him in a cell as soon as he was taken to a police station.

The court heard Walker had a previous record and his solicitor told the court her client was on income support and suffered from depression. She said Walker had an argument with his girlfriend, left the house, consumed alcohol and returned to her house which was when police were called.

The solicitor said since the incident Walker had stayed off alcohol and was receiving counselling in relation to his depression. She asked the court to give him credit for his early plea.

District Judge Barney McElholm said Walker’s comments to police had been ‘quite disgraceful’.

“I don’t know what the families of murdered members of the PSNI would think to be told they are not serving their country”, he added.

In addition to the £200 fine, Walker was ordered to pay compensation of £250 to the PSNI Benevolent Fund and he was also ordered to pay an offender levy of £15.