Took iron bar to ex’s house


A Drumahoe man who went into his ex-girlfriend’s house armed with an iron bar in order to fight with her new boyfriend has received a suspended jail term.

Dean Richard Gurney, of Milltown View in the village, pleaded guilty to common assault and possession of an offensive weapon on May 13, last year.

Derry Crown Court heard the 34-year-old had been in a local bar and was phoning his ex-girlfriend. He found out she was seeing someone else and walked to her house in the Waterside.

It was revealed that he put on plastic gloves and lifted the iron bar, before using keys to let himself into the house.

There was a fight between Gurney and his ex-partner’s new boyfriend, however it is accepted that Gurney did not use the iron bar and left the house a short time late.

The injured party sustained cuts to his forehead.

Suspending a nine month jail term for three years, Judge Philip Babington said the 34-year-old had “too much to drink and anger and curiosity boiled up in him”.

The judge said he was “concerned” about the wearing of gloves and the possession of the iron bar, which Gurney claimed to have for his own protection.

He accepted that the Drumahoe man has shown remorse for his actions and is “embarrassed that this incident happened in the house where his seven-year-old son was sleeping”.

Judge Babington accepted the incident was “out of character” for the 34-year-old and “unsavoury emotions and feelings got the better of him”.

As well as imposing a suspended jail term, the judge ordered Gurney to pay £500 compensation to the injured party.