Traders shocked at robbery

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A Buncrana shop keeper has said he’s deeply shocked and horrified a fashion shop in the town was robbed last week.

Brendan Callaghan of Callaghan’s Jewellery in Buncrana said he was saddened to hear Identity on the Main Street was robbed and a female shop assistant was subjected to being tied up and gagged in the attack.

The shop assistant’s eyes and mouth were taped up and cable ties were used to tie her hands together as three men, believed to be non nationals, robber 1,000 euro from her till.

Mr Callaghan, whose shop has been in the town for 52 years, said ‘it’s a sad state of affairs that it has come to this’ in the small market town.

He urged shop keepers and members of the public alike to be more vigilant and up their security.

He told the Journal: “All the shop keepers in the town have to be more vigilant, and the public as well because with all the austerity cuts unfortunately this is thing that happens.

“We’re here for 52 years and we have never had an incident of this kind because security is of the utmost importance to us and it always has been and always will be. We’re very security conscious.”

He said the business community is very concerned about the robbery and the ‘shock’ that it happened in the seaside town.

Another incident also took place last Monday night at Annie’s Diner in Muff. A female shop assistant was locking up when three men grabbed her and tied her with cable ties.

She was made to lie face down on the floor while they got off with 600 euro and £300. Gardai are now looking at a link between the two incidents.