Tragic tot’s mum calls for ban on blind cords

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A Derry mum whose toddler died after becoming entangled in a window blind cord has called for a ban on the “death traps”.

Cathy Hamill, whose 23 month-old son Caide died tragically in 2006, was speaking following the latest incident in which a tot died after an accident involving a blind cord.

Daniel Grant (3), from Mayobridge, near Newry, died after becoming entangled in a cord at his home on Saturday.

Reports of the horrific accident brought back “terrible memories” for the Derry mum who found her son cold and unresponsive in their then home in Curryneirin in June 2006. “It’s horrific to hear this has happened again but every so often I hear of it happening. It’s terrible, these things are death traps and should be banned,” she said.

She said that her heart “goes out” to the family of young Daniel. “God love that family, they have a long road ahead of them now. God love that wee boy, it’s a horrible tragedy.”

Cathy recalled the night she found her son entangled in the blind cord in his bedroom. “I grabbed him and ran straight out to the street where a passing driver stopped and took us to hospital. It was about 10 o’clock. By 11 o’clock Caide was pronounced dead in the hospital.” She recalled that in the weeks prior to his death, she saw Caide put the blind cord around his neck and she had intended to make it safe. “I said to myself I’ll cut that in half to make it safe but whatever was going on at the time I forgot. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I had to live with that.”

Caide was in his room playing before bedtime, as he did every evening. Cathy believed he was trying to look out the window when he became entangled.

Cathy now lives in Ballykelly with her family. She said it took around five years to begin to get their lives back on track but she has since had a third child. “We were told soon after Caide died that we’d not have any more children due to various complications. But Callum, who is 13 years old, now has a 15 month-old sister and we have another child on the way which - by some strange coincidence - is due to be born on June 8, the anniversary of Caide’s death.”